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Blue Fever

Sorting Shit Out

Rock star without the fame Posted on Sat, November 05, 2011 00:45:42

We finally got our tumblr sorted so you should all check it out and give it another go. So this is where we will post most pics and stuff from now on.

We will shortly move the blog, if possible, at least update the design slightly.

I’ve spent two days with my mother sorting my stuff out, 25 big boxes have now become 7 + a few small ones.

I’m in Sweden for two whole weeks!!!! FUCK YEAH!

Looking at unis.

Tiger makes me happy.


Hello Stranger

Rock star without the fame Posted on Mon, October 24, 2011 19:22:01

Well hello.
Remember me? Blond, obsessive, tremendous piece of Fun? No?
Understandable, I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything here. Although I think it might have been about Arcade Fire being a good band (revolutionary opinions as always).
Well anyway, I woke up this morning, remembered I have a week off uni and went about the day as expected. Among the massive amount of things that got done, these are the highlights:

Got my national insurance number. Well, applied for it rather, answering annoying questions from an annoying woman.

Power napped. Well and good for about 90 minutes, happily dribbling all over my pillow.

Ate jam straight from the jar.

Biked to King’s Road only to get a muffin. Just to learn the same lesson twice – muffins always disappoint.

Packed my bags for Sweden.

Did half of my laundry.

And then, when I felt that my quote for achievement was far exceeded I found myself sat in the kitchen wondering what to do.
So here I am writing about my day, secretly hoping to inspire enough guilt in my guts to get off my ass and do something. Maybe study for the ginormous test I’ve got on Saturday, maybe come up with something clever to make a carefully crafted design piece about, maybe realising that smoking, eating and drinking excessively isn’t really “recovering from shin infection”, it’s probably quite the opposite. Maybe I should just wash my hair.

But I know the inevitable outcome of this. Since this week has been all about falling back into old patterns anyway (some good, some I really hoped would be gone) I can do nothing but give in. Alas, it’s time to dust off that old and comforting phrase that has got me all the way here in some miraculous way.

I’ll sort my life out tomorrow.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got three sofas upstairs I simply must make the most of.

All yours, Fan Fan

Without the fame

Rock star without the fame Posted on Fri, August 05, 2011 05:15:45

I was talking to JJJ about heroin.

-My friend died of heroin recently.

-Oh shit that sucks

-Yeah you know kkk, it was his best mate xx yyy, he used to hang around the mill a lot the last 6 months.

-yyy? Does he have a brother?

-yeah, in hastings, nnn yyy

-nnn yyy? My friend used to go out with him when we were 17. Met him at the mill

-You think it’s the same guy?

-Tall, dark and handsome?

-Yeah, yeah thats him. xx was fucking handsome. So fucking charming you would never have guessed -he was a smackhead. He was on methadone treatment. Ended up taking a whole weeks supply of methadone and then he shot up and died.

-How old was he?


-Fucking sad. What’s wrong with this country?

-Yeah I know.

OD on heroin when you’re 22. Why? Why is this world so shit? And why is everyone dying right now? As if the reaper came down to earth and thought to himself “I might as well take a few extra while I’m at it to save me the trouble later on.”



and please don’t do heroin, even if you might think it’s a good idea it’s not fair on the people around you

Weird looking feline creatures

Rock star without the fame Posted on Mon, May 09, 2011 12:15:56

Two things.
One: I survived a Sunday without even a hint of Sunday Anxiety. That is quite awesome. How, you might wonder.
Well, I think the trick was in changing Avi Buffalo to The Supremes and replacing the sleepy watch on my tweet feed to, yes, Harry fookin Potter! Oh, and Skittles.
Two: I found pictures of us and our favourite stalking objects. Enjoy the awkwardness.

Look at the lovely skepticism in Lewis’ eyes, you can just see how he’s going “yep.. that’s weird..”

No comments.

Off to uni!
Remember to love, not hate! (weird people are quite awesome too!)


Thoughts from above

Rock star without the fame Posted on Sat, May 07, 2011 12:33:27

Fuck Ya’ll Motherfuckers!

Music is playing, Facebook and Twitter are up, the sun is shining and I’m 10 000 meters over the ground. After six perfect days in my dearly beloved London I’m on the plane (WITH WIFI, technology who would have thought?) back to Stockholm, which I harshly compare to my prison. Making it to this plane has however been more than a hassle, living the rockstar life but without the fame can cause problems for you.

At 7 p.m. yesterday I should have been at the airport getting ready to head back home but what was I doing instead? I was enjoying a nice pizza with fan at SOHO Square. I would like to say that I regret it deeply and that if I could I’d go back in time and check my travel plan a bit closer and realise that my scheduled flight was due for 8 p.m. and not 11p.m. but I don’t. Yes I’ve wasted a shit load of money but at least I didn’t quit the Beatles like Pete Best. That is definitely something you’d regret and cry about. Now I’ve just lost the little confidence my parents had in me and my money, no biggie…

xx Gibs (note picture is from my analog camera, flying over Uganda)

let’s get drunk and spew on each other

Rock star without the fame Posted on Sat, April 16, 2011 17:21:58

Last night I pulled a classic Cheif, the unintentional; liquid food diet.

Breakfast: Martini and a glass of sparkling wine at Aman’s.

Lunch on my way to the club: 5 double jack and coke in a plastic bottle.

Dinner: Beer, beer, beer.

Dessert: Wine and more beer.

What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t eat much, but a girl needs her calories one way or another, so I drank a lot. I got drunk.

It all went down at Club Popaganda. Chapel Club was playing. I guess I’ll have to tell you about iit some othertime because I have to run to the train now. I’m off to a theatre/mental house.



Rock star without the fame Posted on Thu, April 07, 2011 18:14:32

James in Delphic or young Stalin?!

Hello again.

Rock star without the fame Posted on Thu, April 07, 2011 15:24:07

Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof

when your mom tries to burn you down

and your dad is loosing his mind

and you run because you can’t sing anymore

and you hide because you can’t cry anymore

and you shoot up because you can’t die anymore

you don’t mind a little russian roulette

it feels better than love, it feels better than death

We’re Just Driving

Rock star without the fame Posted on Wed, January 26, 2011 04:47:00

The Boyz have left town but being the sweerhearts they are they left us something to remember them by. Everything in the kitchen and all doors have been duct taped to something. Brillatnt!

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