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Blue Fever

We Are Developing

A bit of everything Posted on Tue, February 07, 2012 18:58:42

4 out of the previously 15 rolls of undeveloped film are now developed and can be published for your viewing pleasure. I must admit I haven’t quite mastered the expert techniques of analog photography. I’ve been so comfortable with my SLR’s and now I can’t look at the pictures, take new ones and delete the bad ones before I have to pay to get them developed, but that’s also the beauty with analog cameras I suppose.

I will probably post most of them up on our tumblr under this is what we are, also a small reminder that you can also find our lovely Fan on tumblr now! Be sure to listen to that love cover she did, her voice is lovely which I already knew but this was a good reminder.

I must say sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade (a thought shared with others I believe), come on the noughties what did that give me? oh yeah 90’s boots, Nevermind with Nirvana and Loveless with My Bloody Valentine. But where was I when you could twist your way out of trouble “like we did last summer” or like we’re trying to do on the previous post and the biggest event in your life was seeing The Beatles? I know I shouldn’t sulk about it and our time is pretty awesome but sometimes you can’t help but to find yourself in a decade blues.

On completely other 2012 notes, I’m still mildly obsessed with Grimes but I’m also listening a lot to a band called New Look. I love how they are both contributing with vocals and have this very simple and easy going music to complete the whole thing. Their kind of like a more pop-electronic The xx, can I say that or is it stretching it a bit?

/// New Look – Nap On The Bow \\\


/// New Look – You and I \\\


xxx gibs

Back To The Future

A bit of everything Posted on Mon, January 02, 2012 11:21:30

So it’s a new year, we can start fresh and lay a new path. We know we’ve neglected this blog for far too long now and given false promises of a move but not sticked to our commitment. We’re very sorry about this and hope to see a big change for 2012, starting with this blog post which will be the first for this year!

I can’t express the excitement I feel for 2012, countless things will change, be created and done. In my new years resolutions this blog has a high priority and our thoughts of a move and new beginning for the blog is still in our thoughts. To the readers we may have lost because of our lack of consistency and the readers we hopefully will gain welcome to a year where you’ll see and hear a lot more from A Little Sincerity.

If you didn’t know (or just need a little reminder) we’ve concurred some more of the digital world and opened up a Tumblr account. It’s basically a mood/inspiration-board for us where we reblog pictures, gifs and quotes that catches an extra glimpse in our eye. Surprisingly enough we update it daily which is a miracle considering our past with consistency, so if you don’t get anything from our blog you can quench your thirst by following us on Tumblr. The Tumblr will also work as place for us to upload photos we’ve taken of each other, friends, bands and other random shit until we get a new place for our blog (which won’t send threatening emails about closing us down because we’ve got to much photos). You can find those photos easy just by clicking on the “This is what we are” link under the head on the first page of our tumblr.

This is all for now folks,

I’ll leave you with the lovely Grimes that recently signed to 4AD and will be releasing a new LP “Visions” on February 21.

Love y’all and a Happy New Year!

xx Gibs

The Only Way Is…

A bit of everything Posted on Fri, October 14, 2011 00:24:17

Buzzzzy buzzzzzy week where did you come from?

How did it go from care free Sunday with no mails, no plans for the week, no nothing to uni,uni,uni,work,work,work, cheese feast, events and djing?! Come on Satan you can’t just throw it on me, a little heads up would be nice.

I’m used to constant chillaxin’ and being in the state of mind which is so gallantly depicted in this picture…


I’m getting more and more tempted and inspired to get our Tumblr going. Giving it a fresher look and being more active and posting our on pictures and shit. The blog is definitely also in need of a face lift which I’m hoping the Chief and I can work on while she’s here on her little ‘vacances’. Can’t wait for that and then me crossing the mini-pond a week after that to make LND a bit more unsafe again since the riots (hehehe).

Winter is hitting us hard from the start and even if the suns out you’re still in ice cold hell I’ve basically spent all my money on three different pairs of shoes and three coats. I’m prepared to be run over by winter, bring it b******! Also when seasons change people get creative and release new stuff whether it’s a magazines (RADAR great web based magazine from Stockholm combining everything we’ve always wanted to read about) or music.

A band which we’ve all loved, been slightly annoyed with, then hated and then gone back to loving and in the end appreciated on the dance floor and in our ipods are Justice. They’ve been our friends for some years and we have never been alone after they entered our lives. They’ve made us D.A.N.C.E. once so the possibilities and expectations that they’d makes us D.A.N.C.E. once more is/was high. After hearing first one song (Civilisation), people were like “this is shit, but hey you can’t judge a book by its cover”, then the other song came and people were like “this can’t be it?! have we waited for 4 years for this shit? okay, I’m just gonna pretend “glamour” myself”, third songs a charm? I don’t think so and then we got a album medley….yawn. This just goes to prove that taking a break and being silent as the grave for a couple of years like our beloved Mr.Vek does not work for everyone in this business. My little (ultra-mini) obsession/guilty pleasure with their new song Audio,video,disco is stuck on repeat in my mind and there’s no way of getting over it than to keep listening to it over and over and over again until I faint of exhaustion.



Talking about the hipster world and how it keeps giving me the laugh attacks that I need to make it through my life, there is now a trailer to The only way is Dalston (MTV production about Hipsters in London) and won’t my life be complete when this starts to air?! YEEEEEEEEEEEAYY Now we hipsters have a show! *superhappytypicaljapanesemangasmile*

Watch it over at VICE

While on the topic of hipsters here’s some other funny sites:



**Side-note** There has to be an end to this pandemic of dye dipping your hair in all the crazy fucking colors of the rainbow. Yes we know you’re cool and alternative but hey wake up and smell the shit we’re all hipsters whether you dye dip your hair or not. I’m tired of seeing it, please all hipsters, from one hipster to another, stop dye dipping that hair!

x Gibs

Crippled Inside

A bit of everything Posted on Sun, October 09, 2011 20:41:35


x Gibs

Hipster Sundays

A bit of everything Posted on Tue, October 04, 2011 19:47:12

My god the love for tumblr is growing fast, love finding pictures like the one above. Is it just me or can a whole lot of you feel the love for this guy?! That is so me, but with less weird late 80’s/ 90’s make-up.

Welcome October (fest)!

Last sunday I spent the day in bed which is a regular routine for me since I’m always a bit hungover and if I’m not my body creates these placebo hangovers just to keep me in bed. Sundays is also when I usually take the time to properly search the world wide web for info/trends/general cool stuff and other shit. This sunday I had the pleasure of being extremely indie-pretentious and deep watching “The Tree of Life” by Terrence Malick starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. After that I felt quite dumb for not getting the whole storyline and having to google it to read up on what I’ve spent two hours watching. A much easier but still very interesting film that I’ve been watching continuously during the week is “My Beautiful Launderette” by Stephen Frears. It’s set in mid-eighties England (and filmed during that period) when race issues between white, black and asian groups were big (and still are?). Check them out!

Apart from watching movies all day I came across Dazed TV’s new episode or whatever you’d call it of The Party. The video is basically Florence Welch boyfriend (I think :/ or so I’ve googled it but can you really trust the internet?) Stuart Hammond walking around Dazed and Confused’s 20th birthday party at some cool hipster local in London. It’s actually fun to watch and Stuart reminds me of some other funny guy with the good skills of looking slightly uncomfortable in every interview but still putting the H in humor in every one of them (or maybe it’s just me with incredibly bad sense of humor). Among the the “famous”(in the sense that their quite know through out the cool hipster mag/blog/party crowd) people he interviews we meet Milo from The Big Pink, Florence Welch from Florence and the machine, S.C.U.M., Bo Ningen, Kreayshawn, Little Roy, the founder of Dazed and much more. Of course I sat there basically laughing my head of because of how much hipsterness it reeked of but still who would have said no to such an “exclusive” event probably with free drinks? Not me, I’d probably been somewhere in that crowded mess of hipster shining my with overly done hipster-outfit. Yes I hate to love it and love to hate it that’s the big paradox of my life…shoot me.

Stupid blog wouldn’t embed the video so here’s the link to it —> Dazed TV: The Party

Trust me you won’t be disappointed! the level of entertainment it gives you (if you like watching hipsters doing hipster things and looking hipster) is HUGE.

///NEW Florence + The Machine – Shake it out\\\


Something I managed to pick up from those 30 mins of watching was Little Roy. A man who’s gone below my radar for some time. He’s made some covers of a couple of Nirvana songs and put a reggae touch to it AND it sounds good. I thought it would be perfect for me easing in to Nirvana by starting with Little Roy. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve never really listened to Nirvana (shame on me) but now I’ll start or I’ll have to throw away an awesome remade t-shirt I just bought with the Nirvana -logo printed on it. You see I can’t stand people walking around with band tees when they’ve never heard the band. I just want to kill them all, it’s a disgrace to the band and sometimes even dead band members. Therefore I’ve officially started listening to Nirvana, this may be a bit hypocritical of me but hey let’s not fuss about that sscchh

x Gibs

Two Parties, One Girl

A bit of everything Posted on Sat, October 01, 2011 12:29:53

Hello sunshine! (pic from tumblr, love this dog)

So friends it’s Saturday once again, which means there’s plenty of parties to attended and the dilemma of choosing which one you should go to. I usually just pick one and stay there all night but tonight I seriously have to be at two places at the same time. First of all it’s Club Popaganda with Yelle playing which will obviously be a dance mania feast (come on! we’ll hear Safari Disco Club live and that always gets me going when I play it at home). Second, some dear friends including myself are hosting a club night at newly opened venue located right between the cool-hipster-area and the posh-I have so much money so for me it’s okay to waste 75 kr/£7/$10 on one beer-area. The theme is “under water party” which gonna be pretty cool. So what do I do? The plan is to be at Popaganda first see the concert and then sneak of to the other party. This requires me to be on my best behavior (thinking in terms of alcohol consumption), because who haven’t heard a friend go “I’m gonna be here with you first and then at around eleven/twelve I have to rush over to some other friends” and you’re like “yeah right, good luck with that missy…ppssst I don’t think so + *divahandmovements* ” and then they drink to much, talks to everyone (and maybe find a boy/girl) and forgets all about it until next day or on the train home at around five in the morning when it dawns on you “oh fuck I was supposed to stop by them as well, fucker”. Ahhh the troublesome dilemmas of todays youth, which party should I go to.

On a complete other side of town, there’s a lot of discussions concerning the weather. From “OMG I can’t stand this heat anymore” to “who the hell pissed the sun off” to “did I black out for a second or is summer temporarily back in October?”. Apparently we’ve got summer back for a couple of days, it’s really beautiful with all the leaves and it’s hard to think of it all disappearing for almost a year.

I took my last chance to say goodbye to the sun yesterday. We had a beautiful parting, forgave each other for all the harm we’ve caused each other (the apologies mostly coming from the sun). I closed my eyes sitting in the fields (at uni, yes walking 500 m from the campus buildings basically gets you to the country amazing!)with the green grass sticking underneath and soaked in its last touch with Smith Westerns playing on my ipod. Perfect ending…

Yeah Love is a waste of time but the sun still shines
And it shines for you
Yeah Love is a waste of time but the sun still shines
And it shines for you


x Gibs

“Freedom Is…The Right To Write The Wrong Words”

A bit of everything Posted on Fri, September 02, 2011 01:38:22

You’ve probably guessed it already, I didn’t make it to that lecture at 8 a.m….surprise surprise. One day in and the slacker inside of me has already creeped out, brilliant.

After being at uni today and realizing I’ll probably have to waste money on books I’m only going to read once and then getting bitch slapped in the face with “hey-girl-you’re-now-an-adult-so-the-price-for-a-traveling card- is-2300 kr” (first reaction being: FUCKERS). I wandered off into a rainy city center muttering and swearing under my breathe but loudly enough for people to think I’m a freak and frankly…SO WHAT?! If you’re angry you’re angry let it out!

However to lower the suspicion of schizophrenia I called my dad and yelled out my frustration into the phone (somehow you’re less crazy if you yell into a phone) while I was walking down to NK (a posh shop with all the posh brands under one roof) to see Patti Smith. When I reached the red rope-excluder (no idea if that’s what it’s called in english) still screaming and at the same time smiling I thought I’d gone mad. There was Patti Smith, wonderful, old, cool Patti Smith and a guard, two ladies working at NK breathing over her neck, this MASSIVE queue and around 50 people just standing in a circle trying to get as close as you could get without standing in the queue to get the perfect spot for a picture.

I felt horrible for joining those desperate fans resembling amateur “paparazzis” in an attempt to leave the place with the best photo. Patti (the angel) just sat there minding her on business (kind of), greeting people, signing books and smiling like (music) royalty and what were we doing? dribbling over her like hungry dogs. As you see I’m not a big fan of taking pictures of artists, if they’re not on a stage it’s not okay. I must have met up to 50 bands/artists/well known people by now and never except for once or twice (with no initiative taken from my side) have it ended up in a silly little photo. Where initially you look stupid and overwhelmed and the other person looks cool with a smile that say “how the fuck did I end up between these kids? aa who cares I get payed in the end, smile and wave boys smile and wave”. I quickly departed from NK when I realised there was no way I was going to be able to use my skills to get a head in the queue + I couldn’t stand myself being so needy for a picture + the film finished after five shots. Leaving her to the old and greedy I hurried out of that store (there’s just so much you can take of a posh environment) with my mental snap shot of this incredible woman.


XxXxX gibs

big bad mean motherfucker

A bit of everything Posted on Wed, August 31, 2011 16:06:41

So, I’ve now realised what missing Twitter is like. About 5 seconds ago I really missed it. Because I felt like telling people that Carl Barat shuffled on to my iPod and his voice makes me weary. That little piece of ABSOLUTELY USELESS information is the sort of stuff I’m saving aaall my 52 followers from these days. And myself from the humiliation of tweeting about it. AND my poor brain from knowing that Mr Green might read them all or maybe he won’t read at all.

Fail update #2: Checked out my new place on the London tube map. I’m about one millimetre from being a zone 1 kind of person. Now I’m a just outside zone 1 kind of person.

Also I’m a very unemployed kind of person and today explored the great adventure of changing my jogging round to dancing obnoxiously in the living room for about an hour. Level of workout: equal.

Piece of cake out

THE Hour

A bit of everything Posted on Sat, August 13, 2011 21:45:34

Complete darkness and the clock haven’t even reached ten yet. Autumn is on it’s way. Life is about to end. Sunny days are over. I’m exhausted after work so my “after work” was switched from drinks and socializing (although that seems impossible now that everyone’s emigrated to Gothenburg for a week) to food food food, all you can eat, my bed and the new wannabe Mad Men series “The Hour”.

BBC produced we get the Mad Men-series but across the pond. I was sceptic at first that I must say but after watching an episode I’m now pleasantly surprised! It’s amazing, it’s like Mad Men in some areas (periodically, setting etc) but with more interesting twists and the irresistible english accent (cherry on the top for us anglophiles). Just finished the first episode and there is no way I’m waiting a week so through “magic” I happened to find the three other episode which have already been aired in the UK. My night is saved!

Ok, going to leave the writing for now it’s time to fall deeper into the 50’s, murder mysteries and good tailoring. How fitting that everything turned from light to darkness in my room, mother nature setting the mood…

x Gibs

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