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Blue Fever

Hippo the Hipster and The Horrors

Juvenile rantings Posted on Tue, February 14, 2012 17:38:14

Joshua Hayward from the Horrors and Hippo the Hipster

I see a hippo and I want to paint it black. We think not dear, the hippo of doom is for other folks to do.

Hippo the Hipster on tumblr

What to smoke, how to smoke it

Juvenile rantings Posted on Fri, January 06, 2012 07:35:35

Another year, another pacman

Juvenile rantings Posted on Fri, January 06, 2012 07:08:26

The new year (another one?!?! the years just keep coming, madness!!!) is here and it’s time to pick up the old blogging again. 2012 what might you have in store for us. How’s 2012 so far?

This year like last year I make about £80 a week. My rent alone is £410 a month. That, for anyone who failed maths, does not add up. With my savings being more or less gone, this year rather than getting another job I felt like taking a walk on the wild side and live on the edge. So far this month I have been living solely on noodles and Campbell’s mushroom soup. Not because it is so tasty I can’t resist but because it is the only thing I can afford. Tell a lie, the other day I had 100g euro shopper chocolate, it was 50p but I thought I was worth it.

Eventually (after three days) desperation took hold and I went berserk in the kitchen looking for something to eat and found an old tin with kidney beans that someone left behind in the cupboard. Starving as I was I still managed to remain sensible enough to look at the use by date before opening it. July 2012 it said and I loudly said “no, no, no, no, no” and threw it back in the cupboard angry and disappointed. 3 hours later I realized that 2012 isn’t over yet, It just began but it has been talked about so much that I felt like it was already in the past. Didn’t eat the beans though, saving them for truly desperate days.

Other than that I’m still at Koko, quite enjoying it these days although I do hate it from time to time. It is an unfair place but it sucks you in. Even though people treat you like shit occasionally most of the people working there are pretty fun. Nah, I like it I can’t lie and I do like almost everyone working there. The number of bands I’ve seen lately is insane, 2-3 bands every day, some really good ones some unbelievably shit. It is immense. Haha maybe not immense but we’ve had some pretty fabulous bands lately.

What else is new? As much as I love all of London I have now decided what my part is and the winner was North London! I live off Holloway Road now, I’m on the Northern Line three stops from work, or a 40 min walk. Funny how I never thought that I would settle for one part of London but here I am, going all in north. Kingston and South West London will always be home too though, it’s just too far so it’s that and north!

Also I plan on moving back to Stockholm as soon as possible and moving in with the Hapster (Gibs)! I’m leaving home for home and I’m not sure if I will survive not being in the UK but I must try. Time to get the stone rolling in order to become a rolling stone. Which is not in anyway my purpose with moving and while we’re on the topic I would much rather be a Beatle, not that I don’t love the stones I do but I just love the Beatles a little bit more. Always have always will do. I should probably mention that our obsession with the Beatles is getting worse and worse, the Beatlemania has grown out of proportion (it will ever bite the dust). Last night the Hapster and I had a 4 hour long skype conversation exclusively about the boys, their kids and their girlfriends.

Anyway enjoy the beginning of the new year!!

Love, love, love

Connected and all in

Juvenile rantings Posted on Wed, September 14, 2011 18:52:31

Hello darling buds!

Being without internet these two weeks when I’ve not had the occasional 5 mins at uni in between classes for a quick update of fb and my mail has been a torture. I’ve missed our blog and telling you good people about my not so important doings. Change is here and the absentee is now present.

Here’s a band that I like at the moment which I just saw now will be supporting The Horrors in November. Can that month get any better? I think not.

///S.C.U.M – Whitechapel\\\

*Is it just me or are you guys also feeling the Primary Colours – vibe from this?


Stick it out more updates and longer posts are to be expected! (I just have to finish my essay in political theories)

x Lady Gibsaloot

Goodbye Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Juvenile rantings Posted on Wed, August 31, 2011 02:57:52

Trying to find my routines but I keep relapsing to the good old summery days when I didn’t have to worry about tomorrow. I’m still awake and I have to get up in 3 hours [Suck].

Had to say farewell to a dear friend of mine who’s moving to Germany today. Why do people keep on leaving me when we’ve got something good going?! I know everyone need to take their time to (this will sound cliché) find themselves but whyyyyyy…..buhu sob nob.

I have a festival madness part IV, part V and part VI. Eventually after tomorrows 8 a.m. lecture (jesus fucking Christ) I’ll try to write them and post them. Bunch of goodies and juicy stories only for you.

x Gibs

Talking about my generation

Juvenile rantings Posted on Sat, August 27, 2011 01:33:17

I just deactivated my Twitter. It feels horrible. I feel small, empty and not famous at all!

I leave the famous bit to other people and tonight I thank Arcade Fire for making my night, my day and this whole week.

Art is beautiful. Good Night.

When bored, mindfuck yourself

Juvenile rantings Posted on Fri, August 05, 2011 04:29:13

I went to Dave’s last night, he’s been on my case lately about coming over to see his new place. You know the song Dead end street by the Kinks. That’s pretty much it. Even though it speaks to the fuck all, let’s live on nothing, get fucked and make brilliant music, hippie romantic in me I don’t know if could ever live like that. Never tried. Dave seems happy though.

After being trapped in my own flat with Sebastian and some northern light for a couple of days it wasn’t much of a challenge to resist having a puff on one of Dave’s three spliffs. Only three in 5 hours or whatever. Impressive. I also stood my ground when it came to closeness and made sure that every attempt to get even slightly intimate was acknowledged and made awkward. Making things awkward, one of my many talents when it comes to relationships and social situations in general.

I was doing fine till the sandman came knocking. That’s when I realized how difficult it is to be in bed with someone who genuinely likes you, listen to Warpaint and stay on your side of the bed. Yes, you heard me, he genuinely likes me. What? Guys never really like me. They think they do but in the long run I’m always too manly, too girly, too quiet, too loud or simply too psycho. I suppose it’s fair play, I never like them for long. Most of them get on my nerves faster than I can say boyfriend.

This one though, likes me. (???I think???) We have barely spoken since March after “he took a hint and got lost”. His own words. I guess I was quite open with him from the start, let him know that I can only get so close to someone. So what the fuck did I go and do all this for? Huh?

Note to self: Just because you made a pact with Saga to stop being boring and stop turning everything down that doesn’t mean you should go and make things complicated and mess with your own head. Complicated does not equal fun.

I like him. I like him more than anyone I’ve ever been with, but I still don’t want to be with him. Then he strokes my hair, doesn’t think I’m a freak for wanting to lay down on the floor and listen to Arthur Brown and stare at the ceiling, and I just can’t help but going back. He really is the sweetest guy. Then I find myself in his bed unable to sleep because my mind is too busy having minor panic attacks. Feeling all trapped and stuff.

Time to stop mindfucking myself, get some sleep and get a life.

Feel free to laugh at my sad, tired and broken mind. This one is on me.

Peace out

Btw, who would’ve guessed that he would be the first one ever to notice that it’s pretty much impossible to define the colour of my eyes. Lame.

Oh and Dave if you happen to stumble over this blog and read this: hallå tusse 😀

60 Park Road

Juvenile rantings Posted on Wed, July 27, 2011 02:50:34

I’m laying on the kitchen floor all alone. Tomorrow I’m gonna go and stay with Saga in Kentish Town for a couple of days since Dan and Alabama are away. That’s gonna be really nice and it will be cool to catch up with Saga properly. But I can’t help but miss this:

Black out Thursdays!!

It truly is a shame that those glorious days are over..

//60 Park Rd 4Ever//

And everyone knows you’re trouble

Juvenile rantings Posted on Mon, July 04, 2011 23:59:06

How is it not possible for me to think reasonably and logical?!

Yesterday I was late for a very important meeting at work for all the silliest reasons in the world. Why would I not think that we would have a meeting before we opened the store? I hate when I do wrong, I’m all A-okay with being wrong about stuff like “apples are blue” and then having somebody come up and be like “ey mate no they’re not”.

Also I have a pending birthday coming up on the 7th of July, what to do what to do what to do???!! I have NO plans what so ever and NO ideas to how I want to spend it. I could lie in my bed the whole day receive some presents from my family, go buy my first legally store bought alcohol and eat and be lazy for all I care. It feels like I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t really care. But I should because birthdays are supposed to be fun and this year I’m turning 20. Two decades have gone and what have I achieved? aahhh the sound of silence…yes nothing is the word we’re all are looking for. But all of that is about to change, isn’t it? Because I haven’t just been sitting on my ares. Inside my head I’ve been busier then ever planing and sceaming for my future. Still I’m unsure of everything and no amount of planning can prepare you for what’s coming. So I’m pretty much in the dark…

Also my hip and back is aching because I’ve been lying in my bed for three days straight watching three seasons and two episodes of True Blood without enough sleep or social contact with anyone. When I start watching a series I can’t stop until it’s completely finished which results in total isolation, no food, no sleep and no contact with the world. It feels good now that I’m off that addictive drug, everything can go back to normal and I can resume the more active life I had before True Blood. I must however admit that I enjoyed it. The first and second season was really good but during the third and continuing now in the forth everything gets a bit too freaky. I liked the idea of vampires but when shape shifters, werewolf’s, fairies, witches, evil babies etc etc joined the picture it all became way too much to handle. Who’ll be up next Santa? This, though will not stop me from continuing to watch it. Too hooked to let go.

x Sir Givesalot

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