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Blue Fever

What to smoke, how to smoke it

Juvenile rantings Posted on Fri, January 06, 2012 07:35:35

The Hapster

Blue Fever on.. Posted on Fri, January 06, 2012 07:19:29

Gibs aka Harry the Hipster ———> The Hapster

This came to me while writing her a Christmas card. The Hapster, what a brilliant name! Surely Hapster must mean something so I googled it. This is what I found:


“A type hipster who lacks emo characteristics and is actually quite happy and goofy” Urban dictionary

It’s perfect, that’s exactly what our Hapster is, a goofy hipster!!

In with the new year and in with the new name, bye bye Gibs, hello HAPSTER!

The name really suits her don’t you think? I might treat myself to some 50p chocolate for that, in a few hours when the shop’s open…

Another year, another pacman

Juvenile rantings Posted on Fri, January 06, 2012 07:08:26

The new year (another one?!?! the years just keep coming, madness!!!) is here and it’s time to pick up the old blogging again. 2012 what might you have in store for us. How’s 2012 so far?

This year like last year I make about £80 a week. My rent alone is £410 a month. That, for anyone who failed maths, does not add up. With my savings being more or less gone, this year rather than getting another job I felt like taking a walk on the wild side and live on the edge. So far this month I have been living solely on noodles and Campbell’s mushroom soup. Not because it is so tasty I can’t resist but because it is the only thing I can afford. Tell a lie, the other day I had 100g euro shopper chocolate, it was 50p but I thought I was worth it.

Eventually (after three days) desperation took hold and I went berserk in the kitchen looking for something to eat and found an old tin with kidney beans that someone left behind in the cupboard. Starving as I was I still managed to remain sensible enough to look at the use by date before opening it. July 2012 it said and I loudly said “no, no, no, no, no” and threw it back in the cupboard angry and disappointed. 3 hours later I realized that 2012 isn’t over yet, It just began but it has been talked about so much that I felt like it was already in the past. Didn’t eat the beans though, saving them for truly desperate days.

Other than that I’m still at Koko, quite enjoying it these days although I do hate it from time to time. It is an unfair place but it sucks you in. Even though people treat you like shit occasionally most of the people working there are pretty fun. Nah, I like it I can’t lie and I do like almost everyone working there. The number of bands I’ve seen lately is insane, 2-3 bands every day, some really good ones some unbelievably shit. It is immense. Haha maybe not immense but we’ve had some pretty fabulous bands lately.

What else is new? As much as I love all of London I have now decided what my part is and the winner was North London! I live off Holloway Road now, I’m on the Northern Line three stops from work, or a 40 min walk. Funny how I never thought that I would settle for one part of London but here I am, going all in north. Kingston and South West London will always be home too though, it’s just too far so it’s that and north!

Also I plan on moving back to Stockholm as soon as possible and moving in with the Hapster (Gibs)! I’m leaving home for home and I’m not sure if I will survive not being in the UK but I must try. Time to get the stone rolling in order to become a rolling stone. Which is not in anyway my purpose with moving and while we’re on the topic I would much rather be a Beatle, not that I don’t love the stones I do but I just love the Beatles a little bit more. Always have always will do. I should probably mention that our obsession with the Beatles is getting worse and worse, the Beatlemania has grown out of proportion (it will ever bite the dust). Last night the Hapster and I had a 4 hour long skype conversation exclusively about the boys, their kids and their girlfriends.

Anyway enjoy the beginning of the new year!!

Love, love, love