So it’s a new year, we can start fresh and lay a new path. We know we’ve neglected this blog for far too long now and given false promises of a move but not sticked to our commitment. We’re very sorry about this and hope to see a big change for 2012, starting with this blog post which will be the first for this year!

I can’t express the excitement I feel for 2012, countless things will change, be created and done. In my new years resolutions this blog has a high priority and our thoughts of a move and new beginning for the blog is still in our thoughts. To the readers we may have lost because of our lack of consistency and the readers we hopefully will gain welcome to a year where you’ll see and hear a lot more from A Little Sincerity.

If you didn’t know (or just need a little reminder) we’ve concurred some more of the digital world and opened up a Tumblr account. It’s basically a mood/inspiration-board for us where we reblog pictures, gifs and quotes that catches an extra glimpse in our eye. Surprisingly enough we update it daily which is a miracle considering our past with consistency, so if you don’t get anything from our blog you can quench your thirst by following us on Tumblr. The Tumblr will also work as place for us to upload photos we’ve taken of each other, friends, bands and other random shit until we get a new place for our blog (which won’t send threatening emails about closing us down because we’ve got to much photos). You can find those photos easy just by clicking on the “This is what we are” link under the head on the first page of our tumblr.

This is all for now folks,

I’ll leave you with the lovely Grimes that recently signed to 4AD and will be releasing a new LP “Visions” on February 21.

Love y’all and a Happy New Year!

xx Gibs