As much as 2010 was a shitty year to live in, it was also the year our lives began. It will be seen from our perspective (19 and newly graduated from college) as the year when records began (see the funny explanation to why I’m using that term further down on this page). It’s from 2010 we started documenting our defining years and I for once am excited about entering this new year. 2010 was life changing in many ways and I grew up (a bit). Now I know what I want and that we have the ambition and talent to do it.

It’s time to paint the fucking masterpiece the world is waiting for, this is not one of my typical midnight revelations which comes to me quite often. We are three young women with the obvious desire to do something more with life than to grace it on the surface. In the middle of the nineteenth century three young men set out to this very same thing…change the world. And through let downs, alcohol, good times, bad times, laudanum, massive support, no support, plenty of women and a sheer of good luck they made it happen. Our lives are filled with precisely that and I intend to get us to the place where we belong.

There’s just one problem and Fred ( was one of the two ‘non-artistic’ members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and an art critic) couldn’t have made it more clear to me:

“Where does an artist start if he is to change the world? At the center of that world”

And to me the center of that world is London, in which it has always been since the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. The minor problem is that I’m currently not residing there something we’ll have to work on. Like Dante Gabriel Rosetti in the brotherhood I’m lazy, can’t seem to get things ready when they’re supposed to be finished, passionate, likes to have good time, spend money and do as little as possible but get as much as possible out of it. A combined set of qualities that in most cases won’t help me in my goal but I’ll just have to work on that too.

A lot of people thought the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood were mad and had no sense of style what so ever but they never stopped believing in themselves and what they could achieve together so why should we. It is time to rearrange and reinvent, my concentration shall now evolve around this mission only. Let’s have some ambition on toast and a side dish of potential for breakfast tomorrow and kick this world in the nuts!

To a new day x Harry the hipster Gibson