Good morning y’all!

I’ve been up the whole night pulling an all nighter but not getting anything done. I have now completed two pages of eight and in conclusion I’m starting to feel like I’m totally going to fail this course but that’s life. After losing my concentration after 2 a.m. I started watching interviews with The Beatles and catching up on all the music I’ve missed while I’ve been out and about. Now that I’m still fully awake I’ve taken the time to uploaded some Best Coast snapshots taken during their gig at Debaser in December (contribution time, celebrate good times c’mon). Best Coast was a nice way to end 2010 and start dreaming about beach’11. There are of course plenty of reasons to look forward to the coming music year with Sleigh Bells, Hot Club The Paris and The Vaccines playing just in the first couple of months.

Since I depend on the money I get from not failing uni, I think I should continue writing this essay or I can wave good bye to London in Feb/Mar. If I finish this today I’ll definitively treat myself to a little web shopping on UO.

Keep on sleeping tight xx Gibsalot