I should call this juvenile rantings because that is probably what it will turn out to be anyway, but let’s just call it a bit of everything and make pretend.

I am in the kitchen eating Skittles and feeling weary. I am in such a weird state of mind and I have been for like all of Christmas and it’s even worse over here. It’s not a bad one it’s just very, dozed off. I mean we all know I’m the neurotic, paranoid neat freak running around fixing things most of the time. But now I’m more.. not like that. The only trouble this really brings, apart from me failing my uni course is so much more likely, is that cleaning doesn’t help me calm down anymore. Which in its turn means that our apartment looks like shit 90% of the time now. Why am I talking about this?

Well coming up soon is an updated version of what we’ve learnt in life, this time I think it will be quite a good one. No, fuck this I can’t concentrate anyway. I’m shaving off my left fringe in yeah five minutes.
And listen to Simian Mobile Discos album Delicacies from last year because it is AWESOME. Especially Aspic. It will make you survive a visit to Harvey Nichols and that’s pretty big I’d say.

Stay Black