I’m almost home and I should be writing about how comfy my bed is but noooooooo as always I have to be stuck in a Parisian airport for 10 hours! woop woop life is looking up. I already miss the sun, summer, nice flirty summer clothes, fake raybans and sweating like a pig. Traveling to the wonderful country Kenya and slightly less friendly Uganda but still as beautiful had me hoping for some refreshing ideas and I think I got them. I fell in love with Smith Westerns song Weekend and The Invisibles song Ok, bought some instruments for the fanny pack, drove around in the wild country, SAW SOME LIONS!!!!:DDDD, slept (A LOT), went to South Africa because of the weather condition in Europe, cleansed myself from my facebook addiction (and internet addiction), watch all of the seasons of Misfits with my cousins while hiding it from my prude aunts, spent NYE sleeping in a hotel room with my bro, experienced a fatal car accident and pleasure ate until our stomachs ached.

My constant traveling doesn’t end here though, on Wednesday it’s off to Liverpool, then in’s time for the club gang to go on the annual trip some where in Europe or somewhere else in the world and then it’s probably back to good old 60 Park Road! Who needs school when the whole world is waiting for you:D

Kwaheri for now dudes!