There was some, what I suppose is, relatively newly released material on the Rolling Stones on TV just now. “Ladies and Gentlemen – The Rolling Stones” from -74. It’s been kept away for decades due to copyright issues and now they’ve finally released this tour movie from Texas in -72.
And it never fails. Every time I see Mick Jagger swaggering around on stage in a suit that is only acceptable because it is Mick Jagger together with a high heeled Keith, I just melt. I melt into a million little pieces of goo floating around in a haze of harmonica guitar riffs euphoria. When I hear the first chords it is just like all the good parts of drinking whiskey. It burns like hell and it is hot!

If it wasn’t for the fact that tattoos of bands is risky and quite stupid business I’d gladly carry both Mick and Keith on my shoulders. After all, they are the dream partners in crime. Mm, yes. 2011 is going to be a year of music. I’ll make sure it is.