Happy fucking new year!

When I was working the other day a guy came up to the bar (after staring at me for half an hour) and said “if I guess your name right will you go on a date with me?”. I always turn down dates so I told him I wouldn’t go out with him but that he could still guess my name. Then he said “so your name is not she wolf then?”. That is creepy because my name actually means she wolf. He orderd a vodka coke and left.

Then I saw him again yesterday but he didn’t talk to me. And so today when I logged on to facebook there was a message from that guy saying “hm you smile too much wolfie :)”. How the fuck did he find me on facebook? Who is he and why is he so fucking creepy?! He freaks me out, more than then the good old Debaser stalkers. And no one calls me wolfie..!

I am also getting tired of everyone telling me I smile too much. What’s wrong with smiling? They should try it themselves sometime, they might like it. And how can you not smile when people make you roses out of napkins, say stuff like I give you everything that’s in my heart and scream I love you beautiful? I haven’t got a heart of stone you know, even if it is a bit creepy at times it’s still very sweet. And it does make everyday life a bit more exciting.

The first day of the new year so far..

1. I’m at a friend’s in Notting Hill, I just woke up and it’s dark outside

2. I forgot to pay council tax it was due today but I’m not home and haven’t got the papers and stuff that I need to pay it

3. Creepy guy stalking me up on facebook calling me wolfie

4. I realized I’m broke and need to get another job otherwise I won’t be able to pay this months rent

5. I just found out on facebook that Carro and Rory are moving to Sweden by the end of the month

Oh 2011 I have a feeling ab√≥ut you…

2010 over and done with. It was a pretty shit year but it was pretty brilliant too. Wait let me change that to I was pretty shit but the year was pretty brilliant though.. I was fucked up and I did some really stupid things. 2010 was the year a lot of fun things happened, it was very eventful but I didn’t fully enjoy it because it was also the year I wasn’t quite myself.

2011 Bring it on! Let’s see what you have in store!

Now it’s time to get going. It’s a gay night at Koko tonight, could be interensting.

Happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s a good one!