A New Year.
I think we can all agree that as 2010 is taking its last grasps of air, we are holding our breath for the year to come. 2010 is very second reich, and a bit of an overkill in everything that’s left of it.
I want a new year and hopefully it will bring some fresh ideas and originality to the everyday life that these days feels kind of.. washed out.
Because to be quite honest except for a few nice bits jammed in between January and now 2010 was a fucking shit year. But as I said, there has been a few exceptions, the obvious one being moving to London.
But also escaping to Ylva every other week during the winter to get some well needed pints, hangovers and deep talks in the kitchen. So kind of what we do now but in the same house. Say hallelujaj.

Hold that thought and I’ll continue tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Be kind rewind.
That was way too gloomy. Sure 2010 was a bit of a rough one, but no, it doesn’t deserve all that. I’ve got plenty of good things going on. And a lot of good friends and a wonderful family. Besides I’ve got every single Rolling Stones record and therefore I shan’t complain. And I should probably stop watching costume dramas set in Victorian England.

I said good night. (Fez voice)