We got soldiers but we haven’t got any souls.. it seems.

That is not entirely true. Not even remotely true, but this last week has just been such a great example of people’s tendency to trip, fall and bring a couple of others down with them.
Everybody I know are breaking up at the moment. That makes my mum very unhappy. My step sister is taking a piss and also pissed off to India with a dickhead. That makes me unhappy. My friends fight. I am home and I feel out of place. Things break and won’t be fixed. Someone goes too far. People are lonely. We are all lonely. People are screaming inside, dying a little bit each day without anyone noticing. Commits suicide. Ylva is stuck in London because of Briton’s fear of snow. A girl sees her best friend and every time she meets her eye she wants to throw up from the pain. Boy hurts girl. Moves on.
People starve. People get rich off the starving people. Children grabs gun to look for brother. Kills. Get killed. People get rich by killing the boy. Everyone is scared. No one talks about it. Christmas comes along to lighten up the hardships. And instead we consume over our heads until we start the new year with debts over our ears. A take and take way of living.
Impossible love. Castles made of sand. Fantasies. Dreams. Hatred.
It goes on. Faster. Blurrier. Numbing. Slaughtering. Run. Run. Run. In blindness.
Life is a rat race. Yet they say time is just us running through infinity. We’re just too stupid to see it.

This Christmas I will sit down. And be still. And don’t fucking move. There has been enough running. And the world is a little bit too beautiful for it to be worth it.
Yes, all that just to say that the world is a brilliant place. If we could only be a little bit nicer.